Adamas , Milos island +30 2287021008
  • 1. Palaiochori
  • 1. Port of Adamas
  • 2. National airport of Milos island
  • 1. Archeological theater of Milos
  • 2. Archeological Museum of Milos
  • 3. Catacombs of Milos
  • 4. Mining Museum of Milos
  • 1. Mandrakia
  • 2. Klima
  • 3. Plaka
  • 4. Pollonia

Ideal location in Adamas, Miloss

Our location is in the central village of Milos island of Adamas. Our location is 500 meters away from the port of Adamas and 3 km from the airport,next to the restaurants,supermarkets and the lifestyle of the island.

The location offers free parking next to our property. Also, our spot is flexible to explore the beauties of Milos island.

Useful Distances

Port of Adamas 500 m
Airport 3 km
Pollonia 4 km
Plaka 2km
Klima 3km
Mandrakia 3km
Every Cycladic island has he own unique character. Milos island is characterized as an island full of beauties. Milos island is an island that around of the island you find above of 80 beaches. Many of them you could visit them and enjoy them on foot , by cat or moto and the bus. Some others only by boat. These beaches some of them are organized and some others are not. By the way , they have one thing in common their beautiness.
Some favorites beaches that we descry for you:
Palaiochori beach 3km away easy to go with car and with bus Provatas beach 3km away easy to go with car and bus Phiriplaka beach 4km away easy to go with car and bus Kleftiko beach 8km away you could only go by boat Theorichia beach 6km away you could go only with car
Mining Museum of Milos
Our island is very famous for our mines . Found out the history of mining life of the island , learn every color that has on our island inside of a museum.
Catacombs of Milos
As you know Greek nation is a nation of Orthodox religion. Catacombs orthodox are spot only in Rome and in Milos island . Search the lifestyle of our ancestors.
Archeological Museum of Milos
Milos island has various history in the ancient times. Milos island it was in the time of copper one of the most famous civilization of Ancient Greece. In the museum you will find plenty of information for this period of time and also one copy of statue of Aphrodite of Milos.
Archeological theater of Milos
Archeological theater of Milos and point of found of statue of Aphrodite of Milos: the ancient theater is above the area of Klima . It was build in the Romain empire times in 3rd century BC with the porpoise of entertainment of then citizens. The theater remains incredibly well-preserved. A few meters away from the theater , you will find the spot that found one of the most famous statues of the Ancient Greece, the Aphrodite of Milos.