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Milos is famous for its numerous scenic sandy beaches (Achivadolimni, Paliochori, Ag, Kyriaki, Fyriplaka), its unique and colorful rocky bays (Sarakiniko, Mandrakia), magnificent sea caves (Papafragas, Sykia) and the famous pirate bay of Kleftiko!

Picturesque fishermen villages like Pollonia and Fyropotamos or smaller settlements like Klima and Embourios are worth visiting. You shouldn’t miss a stroll to the capital Plaka and its castle -“Kastro”- or the village of Trypiti with characteristic windmills and the classical town of Klima. The natural beauty, its geological richness and an almost flat terrain are inviting for leisurely walks all around the island.

The summer cultural festival and local festivals -panigyria- offer the chance to get acquainted with the locals and their customs as well as an opportunity to try the most interesting Melian cuisine.